“I was introduced to the ‘Bowen Technique’ through the result of a car accident. I have never looked back - I had also had neck pain for ages well before my accident.  Through Bowen treatments I am pain free. This technique is a calm approach to healing the body. Using the Bowen technique has meant so much to me and to be pain free. It really is an extraordinary and amazing form of treatment and I cannot promote this enough but one has to try it to appreciate it.”


 C M - Newbury

“I have been intrigued with the process, and impressed with the results, of my Bowen treatment sessions. Michael takes care to consider your health history and assess your presenting problems. He clearly explains how he thinks Bowen treatment could help you and at each session he ensures that you understand what will happen and why. The actual Bowen movements are gentle and treatment sessions are surprisingly relaxing. My treatments have helped to rebalance my body, to improve my posture and flexibility. I have also benefitted from a significant reduction in sinus migraines and from my hay fever symptoms being considerably reduced.”


R B - London


“My first experience of Bowen treatment was when I was feeling very run down and anxious. I had no idea what to expect from those first few treatments but was amazed how quickly I began to feel improvements in my general well-being. 

Over the course of several treatments my sleeping patterns became more settled and I felt less anxious. The actual treatment was very gentle and relaxing with breaks in between each session – the identification of key areas that needed work was most beneficial and symptoms of a stiff neck and a sore shoulder were soon alleviated. Mike could often find something that was not quite as it should be and work on it before it became a problem. 

It is always amazing to find my stomach start to growl after a few minutes and also a real tingling sensation up and down my spine and there is usually a feeling of energy being moved around my body. After some sessions I felt energised and refreshed but at other times I felt tearful and sometimes tired. Mike always explained to me what I could expect to feel which was very reassuring. 

After several blocks of treatments I did feel so much more in tune with my body and much more able to relax. I have found that even though I have not had recent treatments I can use some of the techniques I have learnt to help in every-day situations and I am aware of when I would benefit from a treatment. I would wholeheartedly recommend Bowen as a holistic treatment that has really worked for me.”

S E - Newbury


"George has been coming to Mike Overend for many many years and has benefitted enormously from Bowen Therapy and Mike has been so helpful in encouraging George to come to sessions and relax.  George has significant special needs and his core body muscles were very weak when George first met Mike many years ago at the Charity Children's Bowen Therapy sessions which were held once a month locally since 2007 when George first started.


Mike is very calm and engages well with all  children whatever their disability to enable them to get the best out of the treatment.


The treatments have proved highly successful and we will continue with Bowen for many years to come and so appreciate Mike giving us this opportunity to take George to him mainly to help in improving his motor co-ordination and most importantly relax.


I would highly recommend Mike Overend for Bowen Therapy."

L S-W Oxon

“Bowen, whilst a gentle non-invasive therapy, impacts in my opinion very strongly and is deeply felt. I have had numerous Bowen sessions with Mike Overend and whether they were for a specific issue or simply to generally relax the resulting sense of well-being, deepened sleep and soothed nerves has persuaded me that Bowen Therapy is a real gift and something I will continue to include as part of a healthy lifestyle as it has such a balancing effect.I am most grateful that Mike has added his patience, integrity and passion for this therapy to the world of healing.”

J Y - Cornwall