Bowen, being a "light touch" technique, is very suitable for children, and can help to alleviate a number of conditions including asthma and colic.


Treatments have been reported to help children to relax, become calmer, and less anxious. Treatments may also help to improve sleep patterns, improve focus and concentration and may assist with the development of motor skills.

Bowen and fascia procedures have been reported to be beneficial to children with special needs, including those with cerebral palsy, dyspraxia and those on the autistic spectrum.

Treatments usually last up to 30 minutes, and are given through light clothing with a parent or guardian present throughout. For details of treatment options and prices (starting at £25) please see my Covid 19 policy and terms of business below.

This move often tickles!

Robert enjoying his treatment.


"George has been coming to Mike Overend for many many years and has benefitted enormously from Bowen Therapy and Mike has been so helpful in encouraging George to come to sessions and relax.  George has significant special needs and his core body muscles were very weak when George first met Mike many years ago at the Charity Children's Bowen Therapy sessions which were held once a month locally since 2007 when George first started.


Mike is very calm and engages well with all  children whatever their disability to enable them to get the best out of the treatment.


The treatments have proved highly successful and we will continue with Bowen for many years to come and so appreciate Mike giving us this opportunity to take George to him mainly to help in improving his motor co-ordination and most importantly relax.


I would highly recommend Mike Overend for Bowen Therapy."

Lucy S-W